Zee.Dog SofterWalk Harness - Mellow


Keep your pup in check with the Zee.Dog SofterWalk Harness - Mellow! With dual D-rings and an adjustable design, it helps guide your pup without uncomfortable pulling. Plus, the soft fabric and padded control handle are gentle on your furry friend's fur. Now that's an enjoyable walk!

Details - 

  • Completely adjustable no-pull harness designed for smoother walks.
  • There are 2 D-rings on the front and the back, where a leash can be attached.
  • Attaching a leash to the front D-ring prevents pulling from the dog while walking as the dog will immediately face you.
  • The entire harness is made from super soft material that will keep your dog comfortable during walks.
  • The control handle at the top is padded and easy to access when control is needed.
  • The belly strap is a different color to make putting on much quicker.
  • The 4-point buckle ensures your dog is always safe.

Sizing & Fit - Please note sizing order, Girth x Chest.

  • Small: 18.8 - 24 in x 8.7 - 11 in
  • Medium: 22.8 - 31 in x 8.7 - 12.2 in
  • Large: 27.5 - 37.8 in x 9.8 - 13 in