101 Rescue Puppies

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A unique and cheering look into one family’s journey of fostering over 100 puppies and finding them homes. “Fostering dogs isn’t all wet noses and wagging tails, but Kathy Callahan illustrates in her delightful, honest, and very personal book how devotion to these needy animals keeps a heart (and house!) full. These are love stories, plain and simple, so have tissues on hand. Bonus: the pup portraits will make you swoon. Kathy Callahan wears her heart on her very furry sleeve; she’s the perfect voice for foster dogs and for the caregiving network that helps make their lives better. Needy dogs who land in Kathy Callahan’s care get the Super Mom of the fostering world, and her stories will make you want to join the family.” Jennifer S. Holland, author of the New York Times bestselling Unlikely Friendships series “I could write a book about why and how much I love 101 Rescue Puppies. Live the heart of Kathy Callahan’s message — and watch how it enriches your family.” Bernie S. Siegel