Woof Concept Dog Seat Belt - Combat

$20.00 Regular price $25.00

Better safe than sorry, right? No matter where your dog is, we want them to be the safest they can be. We’ve noticed a lack of seatbelt attachments for our pups, so like any pawrent, we decided to make one! As usual, they come in our Ikonic patterns, so you can match their gear to their new seatbelt. Win-win situation. 

With the same durable polypro webbing as our Ikonic collection, you can be rest assured that your pup will be safe and sound during those car rides!  *Compatible with most car models*

*This seatbelt leash is recommended to be attached to a dog harness* 

Tip: You can even use it as an attachment for a ‘traffic leash’ but please do that at your own discretion!