Winnie Lou Bison Marrow Bone - 4"


People have been asking us for something long-lasting, something that will "keep their dog busy" when they leave the house, "give them a break while they work from home", and we've heard you - Introducing, Bison Marrow Bones!

True to the Winnie Lou brand, they are utilizing even more of local, Colorado Bison with hindshank and femur marrow bones. From the slow-roasted bison on the outside to the rich, delicious marrow on the inside. The new bison marrow bones will keep dogs occupied and happy for hours!

Bones are available in 4" & 6-8" lengths (perfect for any size pooch!). There are NO OTHER INGREDIENTS added. No spices, no salt, no rubs, no smoke, no charcoal, nothing harmful or toxic in the way the bones are slow-roasted.

They roast them at a very low temperature, slowly over 40 hours ensuring the perfect amount moisture is maintained throughout the process, strengthening the bone, and preventing splintering and breakage.